Slot Wagering Strategy: How to Do Bankroll Management

Slot Wagering Strategy: How to Do Bankroll Management

Slot Wagering Strategy – If you want to play online slot games, the slot wagering strategy is one of the things that you must understand very well. Why is that?

The reason is simple, like investing, when you invest without a good calculation, you can be sure that the investment you make will fail. This also applies to online slot gambling. If you play without knowing how to use your bankroll well, then a big loss awaits you.

In this post, I will talk a lot about slot wagering strategies to help you play online slots more effectively and of course win more money. Immediately, the following is a complete review that I have summarized for you.

Slot Wagering Strategy to Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to prevent losses when playing judi online slots, implementing a slot wagering strategy is the best option for you to do.

This strategy will help you to determine the normal amount of money for you to use as a bet in one game session. Slot Wagering Strategy, but how to do it?

Slot Wagering Strategy: How to Do Bankroll Management
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How Much Money to Bet on One Session of Playing?

To determine the normal amount of money used as a bet in a game session, there is actually a simple method known as Stop Loss.

Stop Loss is applied by setting a limit on the amount of money that can be used from your account. In this case, the maximum limit for using money for the bet is a maximum of 10% of the amount of money in your account (bankroll).

As an example:

For example, the amount of money you have in your member account is 450$. So if you apply the previous stop loss method, the amount of money you can spend in one online slot game session is 10% of the 450$, which is 45$.

How Much Money to Bet per Online Slot Spins

After discussing how to determine the total amount of normal money that you can use in playing online slots, I will also provide a way to calculate the number of bets that can be placed on online slot games per spin.

At this point, you will need the previous Stop Loss value to get the maximum number of bets you can place. Related to this, many professional gamblers advise you to only place a bet of a maximum of 1% of your stop loss.

As an example:

For example, your stop loss is 45$, then the maximum bet amount you can place per spin of the online slot you play is 1% x45$ = 0.45$. So you can only bet in the 0.45 $ range or below every time you play online slots.

Final Though

All the betting strategies that I described above can help streamline the money you use as bets. But in this case, you are also required to be disciplined when applying it. When you have implemented it, then make sure that you will not violate the limits that you have set.

That’s the end of my discussion about slot wagering strategy. Hopefully the information I convey through my post can be useful, especially for those of you who like this online slot game. Thank you for dropping by my blog. / Dy

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