Rules in Football You Must Know

Rules in Football You Must Know

Rules in Football You Must Know – Football is a sports game that has a lot of enthusiasts. This game is played on a large field with 11 players in each team.

With a fun game, there are still rules in soccer that must be obeyed and followed by various players, coaches, and everyone involved in this soccer game.

This opportunity to play soccer will certainly be used very well by those who have an interest in soccer.

Therefore, with the excitement of this game there are still rules in football that make this game a vehicle that still has basic rules.

In general, the rules in this soccer game have the same and the same agreement because they are standard rules to do. If you look at this unogoal, the rules that are enforced certainly have their own goals and benefits.

With a game that has rules in it, what are the basic rules that a soccer game has and must be obeyed?

Rules in Football You Must Know: Field Rules in the Football Game

Football will only take place and be played on big pitches. This field is a place for games to take place. The rules regarding this soccer field have certain standards that must be adhered to.

In the rules owned by FIFA, the length of the field is 100 to 110 meters for international class matches. Meanwhile, for local matches, the length of the field is only 90 to 120 meters.

As for the area, the international class matches are 64 to 75 meters. As for the local class match field is 45 to 90 meters. This can be adjusted to the type and needs of the game.

The rule in football for the next part of the field is the area of ​​the goal. This area has a length of 5.5 mter with a width of 18.32 meters. With this measure, it becomes the standard in football rules.

The radius of the middle circle is 9.15 meters. The penalty box section, for example, also has rules that must be obeyed. This box is 16.5 meters long and 40.32 meters wide. Meanwhile, the penalty point distance to the goal is 11 meters. For the size of the goal, which is 2.4 meters high by 7.3 meters wide which is installed at the end of the middle.

Through the media, it can also be seen in the rules for scoring goals that are carried out by following these soccer rules.

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