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Poker Tips on Heads Up Play

Poker Tips – Knowing how to play heads up is extremely important because the most money is awarded to the final players at the end of the tournament. One of the most important poker tips on heads up play is to play tight poker when you are short stacked.

Heads up poker is very different from the rest of the poker games. The number of players in the game is usually about 6 or 7 players, when you play Texas Holdem or Omaha for example there are no blinds so the game is played preflop, every player gets 2 cards and the best hand wins. This means that the other players cannot guess what cards you are going to have.

When you play heads up all you want is to have the best hand so that you can win. You don’t want to draw bad cards so you should only play with the best hands. If you have a high pair and someone has raised and you don’t have a good hand like a weak pair, it’s not the end of the world, you can win with a very good hand.

Many people ask “What kind of hands should I play with when I have a small stack?” Many people go to the showdown with a small stack in order to win the tournament. You need to be more sensible than this and play to win, not for survival.

If you win a small stack tournament, this is good news. It means that you have survived and now have a lot more weight on your shoulders. You are not running scared and if you think you have a good hand, you should play it.

In fact, playing conservatively is a very good strategy when you have a small stack. Other poker players will see that you are playing tight and will bet the pot against you, so beware! Don’t be afraid to call, it will pay off.

If you have won a few poker tournaments and you are more then a little cocky you can play a little more freely, play worse cards, gamble and generally lose money. When you have a small stack, you should be really tight; you want to let others gamble and lose money to you.

But what good does it do if you are a poor poker player and you have a big stack? Then you can play your poor cards and win a few tournaments!

When you have a big stack you are sort of playing with a big stack, so you should be careful with your cards, but you can also play more freely. Tournament poker is all about having a big stack, so you should be out for a good reason.

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Poker Tips: You have to be more careful with the number of chips you play with

If you are playing in Money Games, you should be more careful with the amount of chips you play with. Generally, it’s better to play three times as many chips as you would in a normal tournament.

The reason for this is that in a tournament, the blinds go up faster. You also have more competition in a tournament as well.

Most of the time in a tournament you will find that you will lose some chips, especially early. If you don’t have many chips when you sit down at a table, you are sort of weaker.

When you play with a small stack, especially in early rounds, you can call or possibly steal the blinds, but you really want to have more chips then you actually need. So, when you have more chips, you can play a wider range of hands.

Another thing that you will want to do is not play very many hands. You won’t often find a situation for bluffing, so you only have in rare cases where you can be a little bit more aggressive and play cheaper hands.

The reason why you want to play tight is because you don’t want to show a weaker hand than you really have. You don’t want to dish out a lot of chips to your opponents and have them take them out because you have a marginal hand.

Chances are when you have a marginal hand, someone else does, too. You want to save yourself chips by remaining in the hand when you have a weak hand.

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