Easter Island Slot

3 Important Review of Easter Island Slot 2021

Easter Island slot is a particularly colorful and cheerful online game machine from Yggdrasil, a well-known game developer.

At first, you’ll see a small intro animation that, in the distance, reminds us of a certain cartoon series (yes, guess what…!). The majority of the episodes in that series were dryly comical. Easter Island, too, has a unique culture. But, isn’t that just as willingly gambling away?.

Easter Island Slot Review

Even though this slot has good ratings from the players, you need to know some reviews from us too. 

1. How Does Easter Island Work?

The Slot Easter Island has 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel and 27 paylines. All fairly standard. You bet at least 10 cents per spin.

The symbols of the lock consist of five fantasy animals in different colors, supplemented by the card symbols spades, hearts, diamonds and clover. 

On reel 2 and roll 4 there is a Wild symbol (joker), which folds out over the entire roll if you score a winning combination with it. (Yes, it’s been hot lately, those fold-out jokers.)

On the sides of the slot machine you will see two animated stone heads. Those stones (they really exist on Easter Island, and are called moai) talk to you and make noise during your spins, for example if you almost have a winning combination.

Quite nice and they are somewhat reminiscent of the smiling totem pole in the slot Aloha van Netent. But the moai do even more.

2. The Re-spin in The Game

If you spin a winning combination, you will receive a free re-spin.

During that re-spin, the roles look a bit different. If your winning combination consists of a card symbol, all card symbols on the reels will be replaced by that one card symbol. 

If you have a winning combination with an animal, all animals will be replaced by that one animal.

The left moai sucks the disappearing symbols from the reels and the right moai replenishes the reels with the extra winning symbols. Funny conceived, by the designers of Yggdrasil. They call this principle Symbol Swap Respin.

3. The Payout Percentage of Easter Island

To be clear, the online slot Easter Island has a theoretical payout percentage of 96.1 percent.

This means that over large numbers of spins, this slot machine will definitely pay out 96.1 cents of every dollar wagered in prizes. 

The exact payout percentage can be much higher or much lower if you play a smaller number of spins – it’s all a game of luck. Or it could just be bad luck.

In conclusion, the Easter Island slot is a nicely made lock that looks slick. The animations are very funny, the soundtrack compelling. The outside is right, but the game itself… There is little to it.

If you are down, you want to uplift yourself, play 50 or 100 spins on its game, it will do your mood good. Especially if you look and listen carefully to the animated stone heads. They can continue for De Dikke and De Dunne.

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