Choose the Right Payment Gateway

5 Basic Tips How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway

The ability to accept online payments with various payment methods as well as various banks is very crucial for the gambling business. You need certain ways so that consumers who use your gambling services get a good impression when making online payments on the website. How to choose the right payment gateway is very crucial in startup business.

In order for consumers to feel satisfied with online payment services, you need to choose a payment gateway company that is efficient, easy, and reliable to accept online payments automatically.

Here are some things you need to know before choosing the right payment gateway for the gambling business.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways are like gateways in and out of an online transaction. Payment gateways allow you to receive funds from consumers through a variety of payment methods for your gambling website, such as through bank transfers, debit / credit cards, or retail outlets such as.

Technology has changed lifestyles and business models in the last decade. Buying and selling transactions through shops, shophouses, or malls is no longer practical. In fact, the current tendency for people to go to the mall is just to spend the weekend or just to wash their eyes. Meanwhile, for goods transactions, they have started to look at online services.

Buying and selling online (e-commerce) is preferred because of the ease with which it can compare many products and the huge choice of products. In fact, some products that are sold online are difficult to find in malls or other shopping places. This change in business patterns has opened opportunities for many people to run businesses online.

There are many online business models that can be done. Starting from opening your own online shop or simply being an intermediary (broker), reseller, to dropshipper. If you decide to open your own online store, one thing to think about, apart from product variety, is the ease of payment processing.

Current technology offers a sophisticated payment system called a payment gateway. More about payment gateways can be seen in the following review.

Why Should You Use a Payment Gateway?

Waiting is a tiring activity. Consumers certainly don’t want to spend their time just making orders and payments. They certainly prefer other gambling agents who can provide fast and simple services in terms of bookings and payments.

With a payment gateway, all of that can be done easily, because the payment process through a payment gateway can be completed instantly.

Payment gateways allow gambling agents to accept payments 24/7. This mean gambling companies can be open around the clock to serve anyone in need. Consumers can also order anytime and anywhere. With a payment gateway, the order and payment process can be completed immediately.

Tips for How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway for the Gambling Business

The existence of a payment gateway can affect all aspects of your gambling business, from customer experience or impressions, the security system used, to service fees that must be paid. Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable payment gateway.

Here are some considerations in choosing a payment gateway for the gambling business.

  1. Give a Good Impression to Consumers
    When choosing a payment gateway, make sure to check how the User Interface (UI) will be used later. UI greatly influences the convenience and convenience of consumers when placing orders or payments. Pay attention to the support services provided to consumers if at any time they experience problems with the payment system or are unsure about how to make a payment.
  2. Payment Methods and Currency
    Support for various types of payment methods will provide added value to your gambling business. In addition, the type of currency used to receive payments or conversion fees from different currencies is an important factor that needs to be considered before choosing a payment gateway for a gambling business.
  3. Reliable Security System
    Credit card data and personal identity in an online payment mechanism are quite vulnerable to data theft and misuse. For most consumers, entering card data on a website is considered dangerous. Therefore, make sure the payment gateway that you choose has a security system that can encrypt consumer data and keep it safe.

Source: How to Choose a Payment Gateway

  1. Time Required for Integration
    Consider how long the integration process will take. The faster the integration process offered, it means that you can accept payments on the website faster. In addition, make sure that the payment gateway provides a merchant account, or you have to create your own. If you have to create your own merchant account, this will hinder the integration process.
  2. Prices and Other Costs
    Each payment gateway has its own financing mechanism. Generally, a payment gateway will charge a transaction fee, a monthly fee, a setup fee, or other fees. Before choosing a payment gateway service, make sure beforehand what fees must be paid, as well as the nominal figures.

    In addition, you also have to make sure that the payment gateway does not have other hidden costs such as installation fees, monthly maintenance fees, and bank fees.

    This way, you can calculate which payment gateway service is the most profitable for your business without having to reduce service quality.

Source: Factors to Consider While Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider


How to choose the right payment gateway is very crucial in startup business.

How to choose the right payment gateway service provider company if done properly can make all types of transactions smooth and easy. The right payment gateway allows every customer to receive funds with a simple integration process so it doesn’t waste a lot of time.

Every transaction made can be easily found and recorded with an automatic fund receipt detection system. In addition, users can also get notifications instantly.

All the best gambling sites in the world has used a world-class security system namely CyberSource and has received PCI DSS compliance certification, so that it is able to encrypt all incoming transactions and detect fraud in all types of transactions, and is safer from the risk of abuse.

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