Sports Betting Marketing Plan

10 Sports Betting Marketing Plan Strategies for Big Profits

So, you have a new sports betting site and you hope to compete with an established sports book site, how do you tell the world it exists? Well, you need to implement a couple sports betting marketing plan strategies!

In the past, new sports gambling sites would only start aggressive Pay Per Click campaigns. With today’s Internet, search engines no longer allow gambling sites to advertise and that includes search engine PPC bans.

Removing this type of advertisement forces online gambling providers to find other ways to increase their popularity.

Several Sports Betting Marketing Plan Strategies You Can Try

There are a number of strategies you can try to attract potential members to your sports betting site.

  1. Optimize your site for higher rankings in organic search. This is a tough challenge considering the tough competition. Don’t use dubious tactics, just be honest with your SEO experts and optimize the pages for the actual content on each page. This strategy is the most important thing to do in all of the sports betting marketing plan strategies.
  2. Create topic content long before the sporting event you want to promote. In general, it can take a search engine 3 to 12 weeks to find a new page, so unless you really know how to get a page indexed faster, allow plenty of time for new pages to be found by search engines.
  3. Allow other sites to use your topic content instead of linking text back to your site. Doing this allows you to get invaluable one-way text links which will help increase your link popularity. Make sure you choose the text for those links carefully and the sites that post your articles reward you as author.
  4. Posting articles from other sites. Make sure the articles you post on your site are full of keyword rich text and optimize the pages containing those articles for the content of those articles. If done correctly, this can increase your chances of being found on search engines for the article’s topic.
  5. Add Forums to your site and create categories that promote events that your site specializes in. For example, if your site is based in Europe you might want to create multiple categories based on Soccer like Soccer Injuries, Soccer Trades & Rumors etc. Doing this will result in keyword rich, topic pages that the search engines will eventually index. The more active you are on Forums, the better your chances of creating more pages that search engines will love.
  6. Join forums on other sites and actively contribute to them. You see when posting to other forums your signature is added to the bottom of your post. In your signature you have the opportunity to place some text which can be used to promote your site. Additionally, some forums allow you to place text links in the signature. Be respectful and don’t fill your signature with too many text links.
  7. Add your site to as many directories as possible. Some directories can take a long time to enter, DMOZ for example, so you should register as soon as possible after launching your new sports betting site.
  8. Reciprocating links can be helpful as long as you carefully look for potential liaison partners. Make sure that the sites you are linking to are quality sites that you will actually visit. A good rule of thumb is this – if you are going to bookmark a site, other people will probably bookmark it as well and therefore, it will make a great site for exchanging links.
  9. Offer affiliate programs to other webmasters. If you offer an affiliate program make sure that you actually pay your affiliates at the right time. You’d be surprised how many sites don’t actually treat affiliates well. Treat affiliates like their limited partners and that level of respect will likely make your banners and text links get better placement on the affiliate’s website.
  10. Buy banner space on sports related websites. This can be an expensive proposition so you really need to be careful in choosing the site where you want to buy banner space. Don’t base your decisions on Alexa ranking alone as this can easily be changed. Also beware of sites that claim Hits and Impressions as their verification of traffic. The best stats to base your purchase on are monthly unique visitors and don’t take it for granted, use an independent third-party tracker for unbiased results.
Sports Betting Marketing Plan

Just like anything else in life, there are no guarantees but if you adopt some or all of the marketing strategies mentioned above your site will experience a boost in no time.

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