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7 Slot Machine Cheat Device To Use Safely and Effectively

Do you know that there is a slot machine cheat device that you can use safely? Slot machines are a casino game that offer a chance to win big with a small bet, but they also have a high house edge that makes them difficult to beat. However, some people have devised ways to cheat the slot machines and increase their chances of winning. 

Slot Machine Cheat Device to Use Safely

In this article, we will explore seven slot machine cheat devices that you can use safely without getting caught or banned by the casino.

1. Coin on a String

This is one of the oldest and simplest slot machine cheat devices. It involves attaching a coin to a string and inserting it into the slot machine. The coin will trigger the sensor and start the game, but then you can pull it back out with the string and use it again. 

This way, you can play for free and win real money. However, this method only works on older slot machines that use mechanical sensors. Modern slot machines use optical sensors that can detect the string and reject the coin.

2. Magnet

Another classic slot machine cheat device is a magnet. A magnet can manipulate the metal parts of the slot machine and affect the outcome of the game. For example, you can use a magnet to stop the reels from spinning or make them spin faster. You can also use a magnet to change the position of the symbols on the reels and create winning combinations. 

However, this method also only works on older slot machines that use metal components. Modern slot machines use electronic components that are immune to magnetic interference.

3. Cheat Code

A cheat code is a secret combination of buttons or keystrokes that can activate a hidden feature or mode in a slot machine. Some cheat codes can enable you to access the settings menu of the slot machine and change the payout percentage, the number of coins per line, or the jackpot amount. 

Some cheat codes can also trigger bonus rounds or free spins without requiring any symbols or bets. However, cheat codes are very rare and hard to find. They are usually programmed by the developers or manufacturers of the slot machines for testing purposes and are not meant for public use.

4. Bill Validator Device

A bill validator device is a small slot machine cheat device that can trick the bill validator of a slot machine into accepting fake or low-value bills as high-value ones. For example, you can use a bill validator device to insert a $1 bill into the slot machine and make it think that it is a $100 bill. 

This way, you can get more credits for less money and play longer with higher bets. However, bill validator devices are illegal and risky to use. They can be detected by the security cameras or the staff of the casino and result in serious consequences.

5. Light Wand

A light wand is a slot machine cheat device that emits a bright light that can blind the optical sensor of a slot machine. The optical sensor is responsible for counting the coins that are paid out by the slot machine when you win. 

By using a light wand, you can prevent the sensor from counting the coins correctly and make it pay out more than it should. However, light wands are also illegal and dangerous to use. They can damage the slot machine and harm your eyes if not used properly.

6. Monkey Paw

A monkey paw is a slot machine cheat device that resembles a bent metal rod with a hook at one end. It is used to reach into the coin chute of a slot machine and pull out coins that are stuck or jammed inside. 

This way, you can collect more coins than you actually won and increase your winnings. However, monkey paws are also illegal and unethical to use. They can damage the slot machine and cause mechanical problems.

7. Software Glitch

A software glitch is an error or flaw in the software of a slot machine that causes it to malfunction or behave unexpectedly. Some software glitches can benefit the player by creating more winning opportunities, increasing the payout amount, or triggering bonus features randomly. However, software glitches are not easy to exploit or manipulate. 

In the tips on how to trick a slot machine to win, they are usually accidental and unpredictable, and they can also work against the player by causing losses or errors.


Slot machines are fun and exciting games that can offer huge rewards if you are lucky enough. However, some people are not satisfied with relying on luck alone and try to cheat the slot machines using various devices and methods. In this article, we have discussed seven slot machine cheat devices that you can use safely without getting caught or banned by the casino. 

Before we continue to the article about “is it better to play one slot machine or move around”, we do not recommend or endorse any of these devices or methods as they are illegal, unethical, and risky to use. The best way to enjoy slot machines is to play fair and honest, and have fun!