SEO for online casino

SEO for Online Casino: A Guide to Optimizing Your Betting Site in 6 Essential Steps

Basically, SEO for online casino and the general industry is not that different. It’s just that, maybe the difficulty level is higher. This concerns the strategy of building backlinks and creating quality content.

Why is SEO for online casino so difficult?

Apart from what has been briefly covered in the first paragraph, the important things you need to know for Gambling Site SEO are; the competition for the gambling niche is very high.

That means in order to rank online gambling sites on search engines like Google, you must be able to find loopholes and play extra extra. Not quite the standard SEO and only playing in a few areas.

To take the lead in the online gambling industry, your SEO strategy must be phenomenal!

For backlink needs, SEO for online casino is more difficult than general niche sites. Some bloggers dislike and refuse to provide links to gambling sites. And several sites charge high prices for this niche.

In terms of content creation, there are not many ideas that can be applied to online gambling sites. Usually only related to the gambling tips and tricks itself. And always circling there. And really demanded to be more creative so that the content looks fresh and interesting to read.

Not only that!

According to Dedi Ariko, a professional SEO consultant at Garuda Website, for online gambling SEO strategies there are important things that need to be considered. The online gambling business is a type of YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) category page site.

That means, Google applies high standards for ranking sites of this type. So, the main thing that needs to be done, is how to get Google’s trust, that the related site is responsible and worthy of trust.

An important point to know, this type of site must pass the EAT standard assessment (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). This refers to Google’s core updates released on Thursday, August 01, 2019.

So, any web master who has a plan to optimize this type of site, it is important to build a site adhering to these standards. Next, just stepping into another technical section. And that can be done with a well-known SEO strategy.

Why is SEO important for online gambling sites?

However, you have to implement SEO for your gambling site. If you want your business to be successful. It doesn’t matter how great the advertising campaign strategy is. Whether it’s through Google Ads or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to traditional media, your business will eventually return to SEO.

Okay, maybe you think you can rely on the services of operators and affiliated companies to bring customers to your online gambling site. But keep in mind, they also fight for the same customers for your competitors.

This means that you will have to fight for yourself if you want to lead the market in the online gambling industry.

Getting organic traffic from search engines through targeted keywords, is clearly more relevant and has a higher conversion rate.

SEO may be a form of long term investment. You really have to go through the process of time to see the impact on your gambling business. But all will be paid in full! Plus a bigger bonus than you could ever think of.

All of that will be achieved when the authority of the gambling site is properly developed. Of course, through a quality SEO strategy.

To make sure your casino SEO is right, here are some of the top tips for optimizing your betting site, especially in starting a legal gambling business.

Guide to optimizing SEO for online casino

Guide to optimizing SEO for online casino

No matter what SEO strategy you use, you need to stay focused on the user. It’s about how to answer users’ questions when they perform searches on search engines.

  1. Make sure your Site is crawlable!

    Most online gambling site owners, want their site to look luxurious. Visually appealing. Want to bring the experience of a conventional casino atmosphere to the virtual world. And assuming good graphics are the best way to do it.

    The problem is, good, shiny graphics come with risks. Apart from the high loading load, some still use JavaScript. Google and other search engines are less than happy with sites that use JavaScript.

    We recommend using HTML5. This not only likes Google but also site visitors. If you have to use JavaScript, try dynamic rendering. That means that the crawler robot sees one thing and your users see another.

    You should use Google Search Console. This is a free SEO tool provided by Google. Through this tool, you will be notified when there are crawling problems on your site.

  2. Focus On Giving Users What They Want

    Maybe you need to do a simple survey. You ask people who do not know and have never visited your site. Ask them to use their cellphone or PC to view your site. Then ask them about the impression they got.

    Is your site easy to understand? Whether they can easily understand the existing page structure. Whether the navigation that you make can direct them perfectly.

    And fix what gave that user a bad experience. Find out what your prospect is really looking for.

    Then create truly great content to serve as your sales funnel.
    Psychologically the user will see the title. So this is the main entrance. Consider using an absolutely flawless, great and super catchy title.

    Your webpage should really make an impressive impression at this point. A few fateful seconds. Whether the user continues or goes to another site. Wow or Oww ..

    Your title should be descriptive and promise a great user experience. Titles on web pages are more than just a ranking factor. This is a major form of advertising and a bridge of communication between you and potential customers.

    The next stage is the homepage. This is the main page. Should not only be able to attract interest but also be able to build their level of trust.

    In general, gambling sites have two offering options; paid game and free version. Obviously, the goal is to get more paying subscribers.

    The concept that free games will eventually lead users to the decision to go with the paid version. But ‘over time’ does it really lead there?

    According to research, if players don’t switch from free to paid within 24 hours, that means they are less likely to change it.
    So, make sure that; everything on the front page of your gambling site is capable of encouraging players to spend their money on your game. Not over competitor sites!

  3. Improve Your Meta Descriptions to Increase Your CTR

    SEO Betting Site

    Google, with its sophisticated algorithms, tries to understand what people really like. And ranks it the best. One of them, by measuring the CTR (click-through rate) as an important signal of ranking.

    On the other hand, you do want to get clicks from the SERPs. And it may happen, your site URL provides a description that entices people to take action.

    There are a number of strategies you can do. That, starting from using good content headlines and compelling meta descriptions. Both visually and meaningfully.

    So make sure you make it really beautiful and drive action.

  4. Improve your Page Load Time

    I think the matter of the site’s page load time is final. Good for SEO and user experience. Slow sites are bad for SEO.

    Google itself has confirmed that speed is a ranking factor in the index and ranking. Their algorithm prioritizes cellular. That means, if you are slower than competitors, your site’s credit points are reduced.

    Every SEO agencies, whether specializing in the gambling industry or any other business, agrees to prioritize page load time as the main SEO checklist.

    In this case, test how fast your gambling site loads. Use Google Pagespeed Insights Tool. Enter your site URL and see the score. Compare with your competitors.

  5. Create unique, high-quality content

    Content is king. This is not just a slogan. Unique content is essential for the SEO of any gambling site or niche. Google ranks sites that have unique, high-quality content. So there is no other alternative. This you have to do right now.

    Producing unique content is a struggle and a must for every site owner. If you don’t have the time you can pay professionals to do it.

    Create content that is truly useful to users. You should also learn content marketing strategies for your gambling business.

    Here are important things you need to know in creating content for your online gambling site; Create original content, Understand the industry they are writing about, Write content people want to read, Include original opinions and facts, Discuss relevant research, Provide a balance between evergreen content and topical content.

  6. Apply the best backlink building strategy

    Backlinks are a key player in SEO. Until now it is still valid. And the only way Google assesses a site’s popularity is from the quality and quantity of a site’s backlinks.

    Backlinks are links from other sites to your site. You should get links from authority sites that are relevant to your business. The more links you get, the more popular your site will be on search engines.

    The quality and quantity of backlinks will determine how high your authority is in the gambling niche itself.

    In this case, you need to understand deeply about link building techniques in SEO. If you implement it wrongly, instead of getting a high ranking, your site will be penalized by Google for being considered black hat SEO practices.

    For best practices of quality link building, it’s best if you hire a professional.


As already reviewed, the success factors for SEO strategies are not much different from one business to another. The problem is only in the individual needs that need to be adjusted.

SEO techniques for gambling sites are quite difficult to get backlinks from publishers. However, it is not impossible. You can use several professional backlink services.

And the main part is your focus on providing the best user experience. Either in building a user friendly site or maybe a service system that makes it easy.

I want to make some kind of conclusion. For your online gambling SEO best practices. This is an important part of it;

  • Create a site that loads very fast. Ideally, it should be under 3 seconds
  • Launch a free version of the game in the browser.
  • Create an easy registration page
  • Create content that is descriptive and easy to understand. Explain what benefits and great things they get when registering on your site.
  • Create a responsive site. In order to work optimally for various devices.
  • Make a plan for the best backlink building strategy