Sensational Sixes Slot Review

Sensational Sixes Slot Review: RTP 94.46% (Rival Gaming)

Are you looking for the Sensational Sixes slot review? This game is a new slot machine from Rival Gaming. It has a traditional design but a retro feel to it that can make you think of the silent movie era.

A Brief of Sensational Sixes Slot Review

In the case of Sensational Sixes, the slot machine has 3 reels but just 1 active line. You might win a prize of up to $30,000 depending on your wager and the arrangement of symbols that show on the single line. 

Although these symbols can also serve as scatters to give monetary rewards, the features mostly rely on wild symbols and multipliers.

1. Betting Options

Sensational Sixes has a limited number of coins that may be utilized in a wager because there is only one active line that needs to be covered. Actually, you only get 3 coins for one line, and if you choose, you can only spend some of them. 

If you choose, you can also choose the coin’s value; the smallest denomination available is $0.01, while the largest is $10. Sensational Sixes offers a $0.01 to $30 per spin betting range.

The three multiplier wilds, each of which has its own reel to appear on, will provide the game’s payouts. If all three varieties of wilds are present on the slot machine’s sole active line, you might win up to 3,000 coins. Such a jackpot will be worth $30,000 in cash.

2. Game Features

Only multiplier wilds, with distinct ones for each reel, are used in the game; there aren’t many other features. You are able to do this to get 2x wilds on the first reel, 4x wilds on the second reel, and 6x wilds on the third reel.

Due to the fact that all three symbols are wilds with multipliers, they can easily be a part of any new combo that has other matching symbols on the current line. Two wilds and one regular symbol, or one wild and two regular symbols, can produce a winning combination. 

Here, multipliers can build up, giving you rewards that can be up to 24 times greater than a symbol’s normal worth.

The ideal scenario is when all three wilds show up on the same active line at the same moment. The jackpot for the game, worth 3,000 coins if you used 3 coins in your wager, is awarded when the combo contains the 2x, 4x, and 6x symbols. Thanks to it, you may win up to $30,000 in cash.

The same three wild multiplier symbols also serve in a sort of scatter role, rewarding you with small amounts of money whenever they appear on the reels but do not contribute to any wins. Based on which of the three variations you’re looking at, you can collect up to 6, 12, or 18 coins from them.

3. Theme and Design

They chose a classical way for a 3 reel game’s theme. The slot machine also includes the four card suits, a triple Bar symbol, and three wild multiplier symbols. In terms of how the surrounding decorations seem, the previously mentioned retro style takes me back to the golden age of silent movies.

Final Words

In the end of Sensational Sixes slot review, the game turns out to be a really engaging slot machine, at least for a 3 reel game that wouldn’t typically pique players’ interest. Find more at X33

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