Plenty Dragons Slot Review

Plenty Dragons Slot Review: Bet and Bonuses (Amatic)

Yes, we know that you need this Plenty Dragons slot review before playing it. This game is a new Chinese-themed video slot in a genre that is already overflowing with similar titles. 

However, we’re looking at Amatic’s version of such a game, so we’re seeing how they envision an Asian dragon-themed slot machine with many of the usual graphics, as well as a good mix of features.

A Brief of Plenty Dragons Slot Review

Plenty Dragons Slot Review

You enjoy 5×4 reels, which is a large enough game area to allow you to use more than the 50 lines available every round. The highest possible win for a single spin appears to be 1,000x the stake. 

The slot gacor will have a couple of excellent features, and we enjoyed seeing the scattered Dragon Pearls, as well as the stacked wilds that boost wins with 2x multipliers.

1. Wagering Options

You can choose from a range of bets for the upcoming spins, starting at $10 and rising to $10,000, though online casino options may vary. It’s also possible to choose 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 lines to be active in the next round.

In terms of the rewards that will make the game worthwhile to play, expect wins of up to 20x the stake for each of the 50 lines, with the top jackpot reaching 1,000x the stake. The stacked wilds are the symbols that will pay out that much, so if you get them on all five reels, there’s a good chance that multiple lines will pay out at the same time.

2. Game Features

You won’t find the most complex choices among the features available in Plenty Dragons, but what you do get will help you make many of your spins more profitable or enjoyable.

For starters, we love the Dragon Wild symbol, which appears stacked and across all five reels. As a result, wilds can cover 1 to 3 positions when they appear, and because they appear on all five reels, they can also form their own wins. 

They pay up to 20 times the stake per line for 5 wilds when they pay directly. If they contribute as a substitute to another combo, they apply a 2x multiplier, effectively doubling the win for that line. 

With that multiplier, the regular symbols can’t match the payouts that the wild can generate (up to 8x paid by a regular symbol combo, when the wild doubles the win).

A Pearl symbol with fire around it is another feature symbol, as is the scatter. It will activate rewards of 1x, 5x, or 25x the stake if it lands anywhere in sight three, four, or five times.

3. Design and Theme

Plenty Dragons by Amatic features an Asian theme and a design that is fairly common in the genre. The Asian dragons are the main characters in this game, appearing as the wild symbol and capable of covering all five reels. 

For the other feature symbol, pearl scatters will be used. The Phoenix Bird, Gold Ingot, Frog, Dragon Turtle, Fish, and Flower are all regular positions.

Our Conclusion

In comparison to the hundreds of other Chinese-themed slot machines, many of which have better graphics and features, this game doesn’t bring much to the table that will make it interesting. 

Still, it’s not a bad game, and if you don’t mind simple mechanics and high volatility, it could be a good fit. Well, that is our results in Plenty Dragons slot review. This slot is now available on many betting sites such as link slot gacor , Slot95, etc.

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