How does online betting sites still work in Indonesia?

The rise of online betting sites in Indonesia is difficult to eradicate by the police. The main obstacle is that this type of gambling is centered outside the country and legal there. So, how does online betting sites still operates in Indonesia?

“Actually, there are no (online) gambling centers in Indonesia, the operators are all in other countries,” said the Director of Criminal Investigation for Special Economic Crimes, Brigadier General Pol A Kamil Razak.

Deceptive Site Name

How does online betting still sites work in Indonesia

Online betting sites can be made into anything, even the name chosen may not be related to the gambling itself.

“The betting site is always but another name does not match the name and the words” said Director General of Information Application of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Aswin Sasongko.

This trend is recognized as an obstacle in the eradication of online gambling to its roots. The police also have trouble blocking online gambling sites.

For example, the national police has arrested at least eight online gambling actors, it turned out that the center was in the Philippines. When investigated, it turned out that it was legal.

Finally they closed financial transactions in Indonesia.

Online betting has spread all over Indonesia

Almost all provinces in Indonesia practice online gambling. One of them was during the great football era. Usually this case is busy during soccer season. We will discuss the perpetrators / owners of online gambling sites that use Indonesian.

Most of the owners are not local people but more people from PRC countries but their operations are located in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines & Thailand.

You must have heard / seen on job sites looking for workers in the customer service / digital marketing division for overseas work, but for example: Cambodia.

Most of them depart using their own capital for tickets and tourist visas. Once there they go to a place that they work in the building to oversee their respective holding sites.

Come on, there must be digital workers who have helped this online gambling service for website development services, article creation services, backlinks, to SEO services for Google’s one-page rank page.

For how it works, as usual, marketing the site through the fanspage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some even make promotions and backlinks on Quora Indonesia. Not using medium and wattpad.

Favorite game from Indonesian players: SBOBET and Lotto gambling

Most of what sell well in Indonesia are soccer gambling such as sbobet agents and lottery / lotto gambling.

Imagine there are still people who are stupid to believe in lottery gambling. For example the HK (Hong Kong) market even though the dealer is not the original round of the Hong Kong lotto gambling site.

Still some people are stupid enough to think that it’s official from Hong Kong. As for most of these sites use the official lotto is Singapore Pools but that Only Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are official. The rest is locally made stuff.

They haven’t openly used a sexy and beautiful female influencer model to promote their site through Instagram. Sexy and beautiful capital from their live ig has seen a position in the apartment like (kept secret). It’s afraid that many want to rent / buy there later.

YouTube, let alone try to search with keywords: lottery predictions, gambling predictions, paito predictions and others. Surely many Indonesian YouTube accounts promote gambling sites that endorse them. Paper capital videos and scribble predictions then advertise using their referrals on gambling sites.

On average, for this YouTuber model, you can get 300,000-500,000 per day from their referrals. How do you do it? Oops, please study yourself. The estimate for a month is bigger than most official workers.

Now we are talking about digital operations

Website and hosting is certainly good to use offshore hosting because gambling / betting is not prohibited abroad (see terms of each hosting).

And one more thing, sites that receive gambling ads, of course a lot of income comes from gambling advertisements or banners because you can’t get it from normal adsense, right.

The majority of web streaming is made for the purpose of finding money from gambling advertisements, strong drugs and even sex aids.

Imagine how much of the turnover of gamblers’ money in Indonesia rotates out there. If it didn’t become a complicated and hypocritical nation we could localize it like precariousness and create jobs for the Indonesian people.

Unfortunately, as a complicated nation, only Ali Sadikin who is clever enough in building infrastructure using money from lottery and gambling capital.

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Online Betting Sites Modus Operandi

For the modus operandi, the suspects acting as sales, namely Indah, Mella and Ayu, looked for members or players by calling to invite them to join the iMobet site.

After the player the registration is forwarded to the suspect who acts as an admin named Eva, to be recorded and sent to the trainer whose confession the suspect’s server is in Manila, Philippines to be accepted as a member and will be given an IP address.

After getting an IP address, players can deposit funds to be able to place bets on the site. If you win, the money is transferred directly to the player’s account by the trainer. Likewise, admin and sales salaries are sent via transfer.


Another reason online gambling sites still exist is that people still have instant thoughts in getting material.
“One of the reasons for the rise of online gambling is the attitude of people who want to get rich quickly, want instant wealth. This is a wrong perception” said the Director General of Social Protection and Security at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Andi Z.A Dulung.

Those are some reasons why online gambling sites are so difficult to eradicate. As a community you can help in these efforts. How to? You can report the Kominfo regarding gambling activities that you encounter.

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