Multi-Table Poker Costing You Money

Why is Multi-Table Poker Costing You Money?

Many players will prefer to sit at many tables at once, seeing and playing far more hands each hour than those who do not. Of course, there is some logic to this, if you have shown to be a successful player at the stakes you are playing at, greater volume means more money.

However, playing many tables at once has its drawbacks. Multitasking has a significant detrimental influence on your capacity to think about the options you confront on the go. With limited time to plan your strategy for each hand, multi-table poker costing you money and makes judgments without contemplating why you should or should not. 

Why is Multi-Table Poker Costing You Money : Pay Attention to Multi-Table Session

First, I played a four-table session on the Ignition network, consisting of three $10/$20 NLH tables and one 10 or 20 dollars PLO table. Mixing game types, as I’ve done here, isn’t a good idea in and of itself because different poker variations necessitate distinct strategies.

Because playing many games at once might be confusing, it is best to stick to one form of poker when multi-tabling. When there was a severe dearth of NLH activity on the site, I decided to include the PLO table.

Multi-table Session

On the 4-handed PLO table, the first exciting hand of the session happens.

Hero dealt  

Multi-Table Costing You Money

in the CO

The Hero raises to 70 dollars (3.5x), the BTN folds, the SB calls 60 dollars more, and the BB folds.

The following two of action hands come at the same time.

Hero dealt 

Multi-Table Costing You Money

 in the BB

CO raises to 70 dollars, BTN folds, SB folds, Hero 3-bets to 220 dollars, and CO raises another 150 dollars.

(Pot: 450 dollars) The flop comes

CO bets 225 dollars, Hero raised to 1,125 dollars, CO jams for a total of 2650 dollars, Hero calls.

After I check-raise with a pair of Kings, a gutshot straight-draw, and the second-nut flush draw, the money is in on the flip.

The CO shows 

Multi-Table Costing You Money

(Pot: 5830 dollars) The turn is the 

It’s not a good card because multi-table poker costing you money

(Pot: 5830 dollars) The river is the 

CO wins 5830 dollars with the full house.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at one of the NL tables.

Hero is dealt 

 in the CO

Hero raises to 40 dollars, BTN calls, SB calls, BB folds

(Pot: 153 dollars) The flop comes 

Multi-Table Costing You Money

SB checks, Hero bets $80, BTN calls, SB folds

(Pot: 313 dollars) The turn is the 

Hero bets 220 dollars, BTN calls

(Pot: 753 dollars) The river is the 

Hero checks, BTN checks back

BTN shows 

BTN wins 753 dollars with a pair of Kings.

Analyzing Pot

I c-bet the flip into a two-player pot. I barreled again on the turn after being called. I discovered that I wasn’t able to think about this hand as much as I’d want since I was still thinking about the  dollars 6,000 pot I was going to lose.

When multi-table poker costing you money, you’ll notice that scenarios like these occur all too frequently. It might be tough to think clearly and completely about a choice at one table while dealing with the unavoidable unpredictability of poker at another.

Multi-table Poker Costing You Money : Need to Focus On A Single Table

After a multi-table session, I chose to concentrate all of my efforts on a single 10 or 20 dollars NLH table. The goal was to highlight the possibility that 1-tabling provides, enabling you to think about strategy in great depth without being interrupted by action at other tables.

I immediately realized how I was paying attention to every element at the table – even when I wasn’t playing. Because poker is a game of imperfect information, you must utilize any and all information available to guide your strategic judgments. By observing your opponents’ habits, you might begin to design ways to exploit them.

While multi-table poker costing you money, this sort of in-depth research is just not available, accumulating knowledge on your opponents when you can help to make those huge readings when you need to.

Multi-table Poker Costing You Money : Hand Potentially Folded Preflop

This hand can potentially be folded preflop, but it is warranted because players at these stakes seldom 3-bet. This opening size appeals to me since it reduces the possibility of many players seeing a flip and enhances the likelihood of me play the hand in position.

(Pot: 160 dollars) The flop comes 

SB checks, Hero double-checks

The flip provides us with top pair and a gutshot straight-draw. I choose to check back since my hand is too weak to bet for value and vulnerable to a check-raise. By checking, I am able to manage the pot while retaining the event of a turn.

(Pot: 160 dollars) The turn is the 

SB checks again, Hero checks back

(Pot: 160 dollars) The river is the 

SB bets 160 dollars, Hero calls 160 dollars

SB’s range is polarized because to the magnitude of this bet, implying that our opponent has either a very powerful or a very poor hand. I decide to call with only a pair of eights.

Villain shows down 

Multi-Table Costing You Money

– a bluff

Hero wins 480 dollars with two pair.

When dealing with the river bet on the PLO table, I realized that I stopped paying attention to the play on other tables. Continue with playing slot gacor for something different.

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