Golden Glyph 2 Slot Review

Golden Glyph 2 Slot Review: RTP 96.11% (Quickspin)

Are you searching for the Golden Glyph 2 slot review? This game is a Quickspin slot machine that is a follow-up to another of their games that was released in 2019. 

Because of the lucrative prizes and intriguing gameplay, it has maintained a good amount of popularity and is still played today. The second game promises to maintain the same intriguing action, and it is unlikely that the payouts would alter significantly. The concept is the same: Ancient Egypt.

A Brief of Golden Glyph 2 Slot Review

Golden Glyph 2 is a slot machine with 7×7 reels and a Cluster Pays mechanism. Power-ups, Respins, and Free Spins are a few of the main features that are included. 

There is a lot going on within, and it’s all a part of a game with incredible potential—tests have shown that wins of up to 26,800 times the initial investment are achievable. Return to Player is 96.09%, and volatility is described as being high. The best choice is at aquaslot situs judi slot online terpercaya.

1. Wagering Options

After choosing your bet, you may begin playing this real money slot machine. The lowest bet one can place is $0.20, and the greatest is $100.

In-depth testing by Quickspin has revealed jackpots of up to 26,800 times the amount paid in a single spin, demonstrating the genuinely remarkable rewards that may be earned. It will be quite challenging to do that, although the slot’s medium-high volatility is partially offset by its RTP of 96.09 percent.

The majority of it will come from features (base game features contribute 45.43%, free spins with 32.56%, when the regular base game wins bring 18.11% of the RTP).

2. Slot Features

A word on how you’re going to be paid first. The slot machine has both Tumbling Reels and a Cluster Pays mechanism. When you group together matching symbols, the Tumbles will start to play and take away the winning spots. 

New wins could occur as new symbols fall to take their place, and the Tumbles could continue to activate. When two matching symbols are close to one another, clusters of 5 to 15 or more will emerge.

Gigantic Wild

There are a few different wild symbol variations. One of them fills a single spot and is the standard variant, operating as a standard replacement. It is only used next to typical symbols. Its larger counterpart, the Gigantic wild, which fills 2×3 places, behaves in the same way.

Power Glyphs

Power Glyphs can also serve as a stand-in for regular symbols. Following Tumbles, these symbols land in one of the advantageous places. To activate a Power-Up from the list displayed at the bottom of the reels, have it as a component of a win first, and then remove it.


After each spin, Power-Ups will change continuously. For the base game rounds, they always have a Gigantic Wild, and for the free spins, they always have a Golden Glyph. The different Horus Patterns and Golden Scarabs will be distributed at random as the power-ups from 1 to 6.

  • Massive Wild: This feature adds a single Massive Wild (2×3 symbols) to the playing field.
  • Golden Glyph: You can add up to four Golden Glyph Wilds.
  • You receive 4 to 11 extra wilds from the golden scarab.
  • Horus Patterns: Using one of six different patterns, they will delete symbols from certain spots on the reels (Snake, Eye, Bird, Hourglass, Ankh, or Cross).

If all of that wasn’t enough, you should be aware that using three scatter symbols of the appropriate kind that are all visible, you can also activate free spins. You are given 7 free spins, and if the feature is used again, you will get an additional 5 spins.

Golden Glyph Wild, which shifts to a new location every round during free spins, is advantageous.

3. Design and Theme

The symbols introduced to the reels will make sense given that the chosen theme for this series is centered on Ancient Egypt. 

The majority of them look typical for the genre, thus we have probably seen them before in comparable contexts. The picture shows the Egyptian desert in the distance, along with some pyramids.

We will see representations of Pharaohs and Queens, Snakes, Horus, the Ankh, the Eye, and Water in symbols. The emblem with the Bonus Pyramid is a special symbol.

Final Words

In the end of Golden Glyph 2 slot review, although this game has a lot going on, there are also some remarkable top wins to be had, along with a very large number of additional features and modifiers, to keep things interesting.

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