Games Create Bad Morals to Youth and Students

Games Create Bad Morals to Youth and Students

Many citizens in the world are addicted to games, both online games and offline games. And one generation of citizens who are very attached to the game is the generation of students or teenagers.

They show effects because of the game. One of them started to get annoyed when asked by his parents. Yes,  games create bad morals to youth and teenagers is seen here.

Our country is also one of the countries in the world that is famous for online games. Indonesia has won several championships in the field of online games.

This is what makes the government not immediately ban games circulating in Indonesia even though there are many negative effects caused

Many game connoisseurs or the public seem not to be aware of the effects or adverse effects given by the game. As a result, there are so many negative effects caused by games, especially for students and teenagers which is games create bad morals.

In general, a student or teenager who is really tired after a day’s activities will look for entertainment to unwind. Few of them choose to play games.

And, the effect that games create bad morals for the teenagers clearly visible when they experience defeat.

They easily say rude when asked by their parents. Or suddenly behave rudely to his friend when his friend asks something. And not infrequently they also become temperamental due to experiencing defeat in the game. Y

es, those are just a few examples of how games have a bad impact on players.

We cannot let this happen. If this is sustainable then it is not impossible that this will become a long bad habit for them and this will be ingrained. Indonesia could lose a young generation who are polite and kind.

In fact, these teenagers or students are one of the hopes that can bring the Indonesian nation to be even better in the future. 

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Adults Can Be Bad At Because of Games

Games Create Bad Morals to Youth and Students

The effect   games create bad morals for the players does not only affect  to students and teenagers. Many adults of course also experience the negative effects of the game. They are inattentive to family and children, etc.

In fact, many times the game is used as a gambling tool for some adults. And it causes even worse bad effects.

Actually the bad effects caused by games are not as bad as the bad effects caused by gambling. You could even say that games still have positive effects, except that games spend the player’s time. It is different from gambling.

Gambling has indeed become a very disgusting scourge in our society. Therefore it is important for every community to not approach gambling and immediately stay away from gambling if it is already in the circle.

Because the bad effects caused are very many, namely gambling makes wasteful, gambling makes poor, gambling makes depression and many other bad effects caused by gambling itself.

There are various types of gambling that are circulating in the community and are very popular, namely online poker gambling, online qiu qiu gambling, online soccer gambling, online slot from games 138 sites.

Either games or gambling, they have bad consequences. My advice for teenagers or students is not to play game more, so that the effects of games create bad morals will not happen to you.  Limit your playing time, just two hours a day to play games, that’s enough.