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4 Important Things in Crazy Time Casino Strategy

This is the reason why people gamble online. Maybe because this game is very interesting. Get your adrenaline pumping in a betting environment. And today, we will talk about one of the popular games. Crazy Time!

Crazy Time is a live casino game from Evolution that offers odds of up to 20,000x your bet. Hm, however, do you know the crazy time casino strategy?. 

Crazy Time by Evolution is a live casino game show that includes a wheel of fortune as well as a variety of extras, multipliers, and bonuses. 

An exciting spectacle with the possibility of huge payouts: up to 20,000x your bet. This live casino game is available at almost all reputable online casinos.

Crazy Time is a game where luck plays a bigger role than strategy. However, there are a few helpful hints that will help you play smarter.

Crazy Time Casino Strategy to Help Play Better

Crazy Time is built around a 54-part wheel, similar to the Dream Catcher Live game. A presenter or a presenter stands next to the wheel, always dressed in a cheerful Crazy Time outfit.

The majority of wheel wedges have a number: ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘5’, or ’10’. You win your bet multiplied by that number if you bet on it and the number falls.

If you bet $5 on the number ‘5’ and the wheel stops on that number, you will win $25. You will be paid $30 in addition to your bet.

On nine wedges, there is no number, only the name of a bonus game. These are the following:

Coin Flip 4x

Pachinko 2x

Cash Hunt 2x

Crazy Time 1x

A bonus game begins when the wheel lands on one of these spaces. You can only play the bonus game if you have placed a bet on the corresponding box.

Multipliers at Crazy Time 

A kind of slot machine with two reels appears above the Crazy Time wheel as the presenter spins it.

This round’s multiplier is determined by the position of these reels. Only one type of square on the wheel is affected by a multiplier. x50 is the maximum multiplier.

Assume the reels stop at ‘2’ and the multiplier is set to x10. If the wheel lands on ‘2,’ the winners will receive 2×10=20 times their stake, rather than 2 times their stake. Any of the bonus games can also be multiplied.

Bonus in Crazy Time 

Has the bonus game’s wheel come to a halt? Congratulations! Because Crazy Time has now become a lot more enjoyable.

1. Coin Flip

There are two prizes: one blue and one red. A coin is flipped by the presenter. You win your bet times the blue prize if the blue side is up. You win your bet times the red prize if the red side is up.

2. Pachinko

The presenter tosses a ball into the air, which rolls down like a pinball machine. The ball eventually lands in a box containing a prize. All prizes are doubled if the ball lands in the Double box, and the ball is thrown again.

3. Cash Hunt

This is similar to shooting prizes in a fair shooting gallery. Various objects pass through. You aim at an object (click on it) and then hop to see which prize you’ve won.

4. It’s a Crazy Time!

Everything you need to know is right here. It’s a crazy time! The host opens a door in the studio when the wheel stops on the Crazy Time space. You’ll accompany him. You find yourself in a fantastical world, complete with a bonus wheel and high-value prizes.

You can choose a color before the wheel spins: pair, green, or red. Three clappers are located at the top of the bonus wheel. You win the prize at which the clapper of your color has stopped when the wheel stops.

On the double box, your clapper can also come to a halt. The prizes on the wheel then double, and you spin once more. You could win up to 20,000 times your stake. Exciting!

The Best Strategy in Crazy Time 

You might not like what you read, but there is no such thing as an ideal Crazy Time strategy. The game is entirely dependent on luck, which you cannot change by following a specific strategy.

Crazy Time is played for the thrill, entertainment, and the possibility of winning a large prize. You’re not looking for the highest payout percentage. Then you should memorize a blackjack strategy.

You get a bonus once every six spins on average, so you won’t have to wait long for something exciting to happen.

You shouldn’t bet on the Crazy Time box if you’re only looking at the payout percentages (RTP). But that is precisely the most enticing bonus, with the possibility of winning absurdly a lot of cash. 

Let’s say the Crazy Time bonus round appears and you choose not to participate. Are you upset as a result?

For players with a big budget, a little tip: the maximum payout at Crazy Time is $500,000 per round. If you wager more than $25 on one of the bonus slots, you will be rewarded with a massive multiplier. As a result, betting more than $25 per box is not a good strategy. Don’t hesitate to play gambling on Pkv Games because the certainty of winning is yours.

However, the most important Crazy Time tip is to not think about a strategy. Simply bet on the manner in which you have the most fun. This is reassuring because this game allows you to never make a mistake.

In the end, there are crazy time casino strategy that you can use to play. Always make sure that you play in a trusted casino for your comfort.

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