Cloud Quest Slot

Cloud Quest Slot Demo Machine: All Reviews

When Final Fantasy is embedded in a slot machine. Once again, Play’N Go has not failed in its reputation as creators of atypical games, by releasing this Cloud Quest slot machine. This title will appeal to video game fans, especially those who have experienced the rise of the famous game Final Fantasy. In your quest for power, you will have to fight bloodthirsty monsters and thus unlock huge rewards. This epic adventure promises payouts of up to 2,500 times the bet.


Cloud quest has a rather particular structure of 5 reels and 5 rows, forming a 5×5 square. This slot machine does not have an exact number of paylines. And to form a winning combination, it will be necessary to align at least 3 identical symbols, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The little extra, each winning symbol explodes to make room for the symbol above. A new chance of winnings will therefore be to be seized.

Exceptional Wilds

Cloud Quest Slot

The way the Wilds work is a bit special in this game. There is of course the standard Wild which acts as a joker and replaces any other symbol. This will be the gold shield icon. Also, with each winning series of 3 symbols, the symbol in the middle becomes a Wild. This will make it possible to form even more other winning combinations.

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Fill up the super power gauge

This is one of the most interesting functions on Cloud Quest. A 12-section Super Power Gauge is to be filled with winning combinations of Power Stones:

  • A combination of 3 power stones powers 1 section of the gauge
  • 4 stones fill the gauge of 2 sections
  • 5 stones complete the gauge of 3 sections

Once the gauge is full, the wheel of fortune is activated and you get a free spin. During this free spin game, the player will be able to unlock one of the superpower functions which are:

  • Five Of Fortune: win multiplier of 5 times the bet
  • Emblem Of Endurance: we get an Expanded Wild
  • Scatter of Success: all symbols can be Scatters
  • Mark of Multitude: all symbols in the middle become wild in a winning combination of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols.

Bonus Game

This slot machine has a BONUS line hidden by the symbols. If the entire line is displayed, especially after a combo of 5 symbols, the Bonus game is activated. The player will thus win 5 to 20 free spins.

Each free spin there will be a monster to battle, in a 3 reel, one payline structure. Each defeated monster grants 3 additional free spins. Once the last “Boss” creature is beaten, the bet is multiplied by 100. Want bigger wins and bigger luck in playing slots? You must download the Open Slot 5.0.13 apk and use the Android slot engine cheat now.

Finale In Reviews 

Cloud Quest’s structure of 5 reels and 5 rows to make a 55 square is quite unique. There is no fixed number of paylines on this slot machine. Also, at least three identical symbols must line up horizontally, vertically or diagonally to produce a winning combination. 

Each win sign also explodes a little more to make room for the symbols above it. So, a new chance to win must be taken. As well as many slot games that have demo slot versions that you can try playing on the best online slot sites.

In this game, the Wilds function a little differently. Of course, there is the common Wild, which serves as a joker and takes the place of any other symbol. The symbol for this will be a gold shield. Additionally, the middle symbol turns into a Wild with every winning combination of three symbols. Also And you can play other slot games such as terminator 2 slots to add to your slot playing experience.