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5 Things You Must Pay Attention To When Choosing A Reliable Tech Partner

The good relationship that is created between you startup founder and reliable tech partner can influence a startup. For that reason, it becomes more crucial when a startup is preparing to be built. Until the right partner has been found, the business grow will be stunted. Choosing a reliable tech partner is one of the most important thing to do in a startup.

On the other hand, sometimes when the startup is going according to plan and positive improvements, it can damage the good relationship between you and your tech partner’s business.

Looking for a business tech partner, especially one that will act as a company co-founder, requires careful consideration.

There is one popular anecdote in the startup world that says that choosing a reliable tech partner is like finding a life partner. These considerations include many things related to strengths, weaknesses, and track records of each party. Here is the explanation on how to find them.

How to find the right tech partner for startups

choosing a reliable tech partner

We have established that choosing a reliable tech partner is not an easy job. So, the following article will discuss the 5 best advice from successful entrepreneurs on how to find the right business tech partner for start-ups.

Trust your instincts

Believe it or not, instinct can sometimes be a powerful weapon for choosing the right business partner. This way you will feel confident and willing to share marking responsibility with your business partners when running your business.

What needs to be looked at is to try to find abilities or skills that you may not have as a Founder but are well controlled by your partner or prospective Co-founder. In this way each partner can complement each other.

Get to know your future tech partner first

Before you decide on choosing a reliable tech partner to assist you in running your startup, it’s better to check that person’s portofolio from the last two years. With you can understand the shortcomings that are owned and each party can clearly do the things that are, more or less suitable.

Make sure you feel a good fit and can function well with your potential business partners. Another thing that needs to be considered is that each of you has duties and responsibilities in terms of work, so that you can clearly summarize the tasks and plans that you and your partner must fill out.

Find synergy between you and your partner

Another thing that is no less important is to be able to find the right synergy between you and your partner’s business, don’t forget to always be happy and enjoy your company with your partner’s business. Thus, when the time is spent building a startup, it can be maintained properly because you are a business partner and somewhat.

Get to know your partner’s expertise

If you as a startup owner are classified as unknown tech partners who fall into the extroverted nature category, then each other expertise can complement each other. Also try to find potential and reliable partners who have more benefits, such as abilities, networks, and other things that you don’t currently have as a startup founder.

The basic principle of finding a reliable tech partner is simple: find people who have what you don’t have. This is especially important if you are just starting out. Look for someone more experienced, so you can learn from him. Having an experienced tech partner can also help foster confidence in investors.

Having the same vision and mission

As a startup owner, you are obliged to provide a plan and faith that you want to realize for your startup. Before you launch the plan, your partner already has the same vision and mission as you, the startup owner.

Starting a business is not easy. There are many things that must be prepared, especially in choosing a business partner. Broadly speaking, business partners are partners who will help us grow the business.

However, not everyone can be our business partner. Always choose a partner with a different background from yours. Usually we tend to be comfortable working with people who have the same background as us.

However, it is better if we look for partners with different backgrounds, for example, you and your partner must have different educational backgrounds.

With different backgrounds, partners will be able to complement your shortcomings in pioneering and developing a business.


Raising a company is not something that you can do alone. It doesn’t matter if you are a new entrepreneur, or a seasoned veteran. There will come a point where you need a partner or co-founder to work with. As humans we have limited ability, time and energy, so we need other people to help us on our journey.

The best way this can be done is to make it happen through transparency, good planning, and avoid conflicts as best as possible.

I hope this is helpful. Thank you.

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