Bronco Spirit Slot Online Free

Bronco Spirit Slot Online Free Review RTP 96.51%

Are you ready to play the Bronco Spirit slot online free? This game is a slot of a Native American-themed video game developed by Pragmatic Play that focuses on North American wild horses. 

They’ve selected a slot with a fair amount of space for the game; it has a few positive aspects, but there are also drawbacks, which we’ll discuss below.

Review of Bronco Spirit Slot Online Free

There are 75 active lines, so despite the fact that you are playing on 5×4 reels, which is a larger gaming area, you still have plenty of opportunities to build combinations. 

With potential payouts of up to 2,000 times the initial investment and an RTP of 96.51%, we are generally pleased with the game’s potential payouts. As we move on to the main features, we find wilds, scatters, free spins, as well as the progressive feature, which divides the action into sets of 10 spins.

1. Betting and Prizes

Although the gaming area shows that this will truly activate all 75 paylines, you will have 25 lines on which you can place bets. The 25 lines that accept bets can be wagered on for amounts ranging from $0.25 to $125 every spin, or up to $5 per line.

The slot machine’s volatility is quite strong, yet the maximum payoff is only 2,000 times the bet. Although there are 75 active lines, keep in mind that wagers will only cover 25 of them, thus a lower jackpot is reasonable. 

The fact that this game has a 96.51% RTP over the long term intrigues us despite the fact that the jackpot doesn’t appear to be particularly tasty. For other slot high RTP you can play at Angkasa 168.

2. Game Features

The gameplay in Bronco Spirit slot online free is different from that of a typical slot machine, where you simply spin the reels as long as you can afford to. The action is divided into groups of 10 spins in this instance. The first nine spins provide you the chance to create regular winning combos as well as collect gold coins when they appear. 

In the tenth round, you receive all the coins you previously gathered, and the symbols will now appear as wilds that are distributed at random. If you have enough coins accumulated by that point, the tenth spin has the most potential of all.

Though they are relatively basic, wild symbols are displayed as logos, making them straightforward to identify. They are used in various kinds of combinations as replacement symbols.

Additionally, you receive scatters, which are helpful whenever at least three of them show up. You can get 4 more wilds during 15, 30, or 45 free spins with 3, 4, or 5 scatters, or 7 extra wilds during 5, 10, or 15 free spins. You have the option to choose, and doing so lets you control how volatile the game will be.

3. Theme and Design

Wild horses are featured in the Bronco Spirit slot online free, and the narrative obviously has a Native American component, which is appropriate for this type of theme. If you look at the background, you get a lovely picture of the prairie and the mountains that surround it. 

Wilds, scatters, smoking pipes, tee pees, tomahawks, campfires, wild horses, and the four card suits are all included on the reels. Although not particularly outstanding, the design is decent. The topic selection is poor because it falls into a category that already has plenty of open spots.

Final Thoughts

Even with the extremely strong RTP that has been announced, Bronco Spirit slot online free offers the player a chance to engage in a different style of gameplay than he will find in other slots with this subject. However, the awards are very low, so that may deter some players.

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