Beat The Beast Quetzalcoatls Trial Review

Beat The Beast Quetzalcoatls Trial Review: RTP 96.16%

Are you looking for the Beat The Beast Quetzalcoatls Trial review? Thunderkick’s newest slot, this game is the latest addition to a popular series of slots. 

After fighting Cerberus, the Sphinx, or a Kraken in previous slots, we’re getting an Aztec-themed deity in this one. The entire series is worth watching, but let’s start with the most recent installment.

Summary of Beat The Beast Quetzalcoatls Trial Review

Beat The Beast: Quetzalcoatls Trial has just 5×3 reels and 9 active lines, but it offers big potential payouts of up to 5,555x the stake. 

The volatility will be high, as expected, but there is a 96.16% RTP to make us feel better about what’s on offer. You can expect to see stacked symbols, wilds, scatters, and free spins among the major features they’ve included.

1. Wagering Options

After that, you’ll select the wager that makes the most sense to you, and the game will begin. The stakes range from $0.10 to $100, so you can play it whether you’re a high roller or a regular player on a tight budget.

The possible payouts are decent, and Beat The Beast: Quetzalcoatls Trial is expected to pay up to 5,555x the round’s stake. It’s not something we’d expect to get because the game’s volatility is high, but it’s possible.

Long-term, they estimate that the Quetzalcoatls Trial will return 96.16% of the money wagered in prizes. This is the game’s RTP (Return to Player), and it’s a good figure to see because it’s a little higher than average.

2. Game Features

Your main feature symbol will be a golden emblem depicting the snake god Quetzalcoatl himself. You usually only get to use it as a wild if you only get it once or twice on the reels. When it lands next to regulars and forms combinations with them, it is used as a substitute.

This symbol is also your scatter, so if three or more appear on the screen, you’ll be awarded 10 free spins and a prize worth up to 200 times your total bet.

You have five levels to advance through once the free spins begin. To unlock the feature, you must obtain Green Wilds (which are brand new) and collect five of them in order to progress to the next level. 

The lowest-paying symbol is upgraded to the next level at each level. At some point, you’ll reach level 5, where the reels will only contain high-value symbols. Each level adds two more free spins to the total, but reaching the highest level will still be challenging.

It doesn’t have the most features in the world, but the entire series is like that, so it should be enjoyable for those who already enjoy Thunderkick’s work.

3. Theme and Design

The Beat the Beast slot series focuses on different mythical creatures that were worshiped or mentioned in ancient civilization’s stories. Now it’s time to look at South American deities, and we’re getting Quetzalcoatl, the snake god. 

The game looks good, with Aztec-inspired graphics, though we’ve still found a mix of low-value Royals on those reels, which isn’t one of the advantages.

Aside from the low-value Royals, the symbols include crowns, statues, an axe, and a cup, as well as pictures of the god’s emblem (a snake like on a gold coin).

Our Conclusion

Anyone who has enjoyed the previous installments of the Thunderkick series should find this game to be an intriguing choice. 

It’s a game with a few unique features, but not a lot of options for you in that area, so it’s simpler than many others in that regard. Even with only 9 active lines, it manages to pay out well, up to 5,555x the stake. Well, those are daftar coloksgp results on Beat The Beast Quetzalcoatls Trial review.

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