Basics of Playing Capsa in IDN Poker

Basics of Playing Capsa in IDN Poker

IDN Poker offers capsa gambling games run by a well-known operator in Asia. At IDN Poker, you can try playing capsa gambling game which has been famous for the last 20 years. 

However, this game has just had an adaptation for its online version a few years back. Since the existence of the online capsa gambling game, card gambling lovers have continued to flood IDN Poker and come to look for this game. 

Are you curious about the capsa gambling game at IDN Poker? Let’s look at the following article to learn about the capsa gambling game. Who knows you are bored with playing card gambling like poker which is pretty mainstream. There is also a bonus that you can get in playing capsa gambling, you know.

How to Playing Capsa Gambling Online

Basics of Playing Capsa in IDN Poker

Capsa online can be played by 4 people and is played using a set of playing cards. A set of playing cards has 52 cards that can be divided into 4 and each player receives 13 cards. The online capsa gambling players will take turns to place cards. 

Each player can place the card according to what they want. However, the first player is required to place a card with the smallest value, which is 3 diamonds. Previously we have discussed the value of cards in the capsa gambling game and it is very important to know before playing capsa IDN Poker.

After knowing all that, then now you must develop a strategy to play online capsa gambling. In online capsa gambling games, players must prepare cards first. This is because the capsa gambling game will be very confusing if you don’t arrange 13 cards before playing. 

So take the time to sort and group your cards. All 13 cards obtained must be able to form a combination, for example a pair, or straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and others. Group the cards and set the cards aside. When you have set aside the card, you can remove the card later without wasting time.

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Get the Best Bonus and Service When Playing at IDN Poker

No need to be hard to find services and capsa gambling games. Now, you can receive all the advantages when playing at IDN Poker. In playing capsa gambling, of course you will all be flooded with lots of bonus bonuses. Coupled with customer service or customer service 24 hours.

You don’t need to worry, because the game will definitely be smooth and can be enjoyed by anyone. IDN Poker can also be played anywhere and anytime. With one of the best features that is cross platform, everyone can play on any device. Register yourself now to start playing online capsa gambling. IDN Poker will be waiting for your presence on IDN site.

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Match Cards Accordingly

Players who enter IDN poker will be surprised when they get 13 cards. Capsa poker is a unique type of game where you can organize all 13 cards into different combinations. We have talked about combinations such as signles, double, three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, and so much more. All of these combinations are possible to create. But as time goes on you will have to restructure all of the combinations you have made.

This is because capsa in IDN Poker is very flexible. So if you have managed a full house combination then this might change mid game. Do not be afraid to try new combinations. Because players who always win are the ones who can manage many cards at once.