African Legends Slot Demo

African Legends Slot Demo: Number of Reels, RTP Free Spins

Slingshot Studios, a partner of Microgaming, enters the jackpot fray with their African-themed slot machine, African Legends Slot Demo. There is essentially only one reason why you would want to spin this one, despite the fact that it has a lot of well-known appearances and attributes.

That is the growing Wow Major Jackpot, which begins at £/€50,000 and keeps going up until a lucky player wins the big one. Let’s look at the features of the game to see exactly how you can win.

On top of a mountain range, with a panoramic view of Africa’s vast wilderness, is where the game is set. A fertile valley full of grasslands, trees, rivers, and clouds about to pour rain lies sprawled out behind the 5-reel, 243-win-way game area. It is an impressive site that is a little different from what players typically see when spinning in this region of the world.

There are few references to animals and no mention of sunrises or sunsets. There is a well-known soundtrack, however, with a drum beat that moves in time and accomplishes the task in a fairly unremarkable manner.

Any device can be used to play African Legends, which offers wagers ranging from 25p to £/€25 each spin. A relatively high success rate of 37.16% ensures that jackpot hunters are kept excited while they spin for the big payoff. This implies that you may anticipate numerous low to medium winnings.

An RTP of 94.92% is less thrilling, although not being abnormally low for a progressive jackpot slot. After a while, as your account slowly depletes and your hopes of winning the Wow Major fade, it does feel as though the medium volatility is working against you.

There is a strong Gonzo’s Quest vibe to the reels, which are well-known. The regulars are composed of thick, rock-cut symbols, four low payouts, and five high payouts. The card suits—hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades—all made of heavy stone are considered low-paying.

Animals from the African countryside, including lions, warthogs, hippos, rhinoceroses, and elephants, are included in the high-paying species. Using close-up, black-and-white headshots of famous people as inspiration, Slingshot has presented the animals in an intriguing way. A payout of 3.2 to 6 times the stake is earned by landing five premiums in a row.

At 10 times the wager for five of a kind, the golden statue wilds are worth a little bit more. Wilds can appear piled on the third reel and can be used to replace any other symbol in the game.

African Legends Slot Demo

African Legends Slot Demo: Features

African Legends Slot Demo has a ton of features that make the game interesting. Expect nothing new; they have all already been seen, in one form or another. Along with Wild Blasts, Multiplier Trails, Free Spins, and of course the Progressive Jackpot Bonus, we receive Microgaming’s patented Rolling Reels.

During the base game, the Wild Blast feature appears completely at random. Up to 5 positions become wild when active. A Rolling Reels sequence does not begin or end with the Wild Blast. Every win in the basic game or bonus game results in the activation of Rolling Reels.

New symbols can fill in the spaces left by the eliminated winning symbols. If winners keep coming in, this might result in multiple winning combinations from a single spin. Additionally, consecutive victories raise the Multiplier Trail. An x2 multiplier is awarded on the first roll in a sequence, and x3, x4, x5, x6, x8, or x10 multipliers are awarded on rolls 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7.

Additionally, four or more spins offer free spins with a predetermined multiplier (it will not increase during the round as it does in the base game). The number of rolls determines the exact reward:

  • 12 free spins plus a x5 multiplier are awarded for four rolls.
  • 15 free spins plus a x6 multiplier are awarded for five rolls.
  • 18 free spins and an x8 multiplier are awarded after 6 rolls.
  • 20 free spins and a 10x multiplier are awarded after 7 rolls.

bp77 slot Players that receive 8 consecutive winning rolls take home the progressive prize. High rollers take note: your chances of winning the jackpot increase with the size of your wager.

African Legends Slot Demo: Verdict

Rolling Reels and Multipliers come together in African Legends Slot Demo to create playable moments. However, the Wow Major Jackpot is what attracts most people. If you take away the possibility of winning €50,000+ on any spin, the remaining odds are depressing.

Although not outrageously so for a progressive jackpot, RTP is low. However, the non-jackpot possibility of winning is also there. The highest you can hope for without the Wow Major is 1,200 times your stake. That amounts to less than a third of what Jungle Jim, its cousin, provides.

How do jackpot hunters fare? So, if you’re cool with everything, then sure, why not. African Legends Slot Demo is visually appealing, and the use of Rolling Reels and Multiplier Trails has already been well tested. Beauty is only skin deep, of course, but it does help.

Even while the bankroll is rapidly depleted while you’re on the pursuit, the hit frequency is high enough to lift your spirits for a while. There is always the Wild Blast, which occasionally results in a triumph, but it is far from sufficient to stop the continuous decline.

African Legends Slot Demo is a game that overall has good visuals but might be difficult to play. There aren’t many other reasons to brave the African sun, unless you’ve made it your particular mission to find the Wow Major Jackpot no matter what.

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