888 Gold Slot Demo Review: RTP 97.52% (Pragmatic Play)

Do you want to play the 888 Gold slot demo? This game is a typical traditional slot online machine; the design’s usage of a Chinese motif gives it a twist. It’s a 3-reel, contemporary slot machine that’s hard to find, however things have been getting better recently. Pragmatic Play is the slot’s designer.

A Review of 888 Gold Slot Demo

For each spin of the three reels, you can use 1 to 5 active lines. Up to $30,000 in payouts are possible, which is excellent. The only feature available to assist the slot be profitable is a standard wild symbol, which is a somewhat limited offering in terms of features.

1. Betting Options

You can pretty much change anything you want in the wager area as long as you stay within the developer-established bounds. First of all, unlike other Pragmatic Play games, you can alter the number of active lines from 1 to 5. One to ten coins can be used for each line, and the quantity of coins chosen is also flexible. 

Finally, you get to choose the coin denomination, and you have a range of up to $0.50. You can spend up to $5 for a single line and up to $25 for all of them, when everything is taken into account. However, the game can start with just $0.01.

You will see that not all lines are created equally when you look at the game’s awards on the paytable that is shown next to the reels. The likelihood that your top jackpot will come from a line that pays more increases with the number of active lines you have. 

The payout for the first line is merely 1,000x, followed by 2,000x for the second line, 3,000x for the third, 4,000x for the fourth, and 6,000x for the fifth. If you place the highest wager and convert this sum into cash, you could receive anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000 in return.

2. Game Features

Since these slot machines just have basic features, we don’t typically expect much from them, but 888 Gold doesn’t let us down. This game simply features a straightforward wild symbol, which will please fans of simpler vintage slots. 

The same symbol, when it forms its own combination, might also award the biggest jackpot. In all other cases, the wild acts as a stand-in and, when coupled with one or two other matching symbols, can help you win a prize that otherwise wouldn’t have been achievable. Since it is the sole feature icon present, all of the symbols inside can benefit from it.

3. Theme and Design

You’ll find a theme in 888 Gold that has been used countless times in contemporary 5 reel slot machines. But because Chinese themes are so uncommon in traditional slots, this one actually seems like a cutting-edge theme to be exploring. 

Another area where the game succeeds is in the visuals department. To be honest, in the 3 reel slot genre, where the majority of games have an 80s look, it’s not tough to stand out.

The red 8, the gold coin, the three bars, the two bars, the one bar, and the paper lanterns are the 888 Gold symbols. Chinese and traditional iconography are well-balanced.

Final Thoughts

This game has proven to be a respectable-looking vintage slot machine. Although it won’t have anything particularly special to offer, we are confident that it will draw in a lot of players due to its high RTP and straightforward design. Now, you can try the 888 Gold slot demo at depo dana site.

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